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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking new details overnight on the terror in orlando. what we're learning about the gunman at the center of the worst shooting in american history. >> we are going through the killer's life as i said especially his electronics. >> the fbi tears apart the suspect's home. his wife provides key information and new questions about his motivation. reports he often went to the pulse nightclub for years before the attack and used gay dating apps. >> when he first contacted me he was saying like asking like what clubs in his words like what clubs are popping. >> now survivors revealing how they stayed alive during those terrifying hours inside pulse. our interview with the man shot four times, who hid in a crowded bathroom stall huddling with others when the gunman came in. how he finally managed to escape and the family of the victim who
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shot this dramatic video of the attack speaking out. >> the first thing you notice is the fear in her eyes. the terror threat at home. the focus now on both presidential candidates. >> we cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country. >> as the world unites in solidarity with orlando, tributes pouring in around the globe. >> announcer: live in times square and orlando, florida, this is a special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, america. we have all the latest on the fallout from that orlando attack this morning. the world standing in solidarity with those victims and you're looking live at the growing memorial in orlando remembering those lost in the massacre. amy is there right now. good morning, amy. >> that's right, george. good morning to you. and we are learning so much more now about the 49 victims who have now all been identified and they're from all walks of life
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ranging in age from 18 to 50. leaving behind mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends and, yes, i am speaking with that survivor who hid in a crowded bathroom stall. he was shot, the gunman came in. he is revealing what got him through those incredibly terrifying moments. but first, abc's gio benitez is starting us off this morning with new details about the attack. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. from new york to california, to hawaii, hundreds of thousands are gathering at these vigils across the country. 10,000 at the one here in orlando overnight. all to remember the victims. 21-year-old cory connell dreamed of being a firefighter. tevin crosby owned a marketing firm and akyra murray was just 18 years old, a recent high school graduate. three of those 49 killed in the sunday morning massacre. as we learn more details about those terrifying hours inside pulse nightclub. at 2:00 a.m. off-duty police officer adam gruley
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working at the club in full uniform, responds to shots fired. a gun battle immediately ensues. additional officers arriving on the scene forcing omar mateen to retreat to a bathroom where it is believed he takes four to five hostages. as many as 20 more people huddled in another bathroom. at 2:30 a.m. mateen calls 911 hanging up twice before a dispatcher calls him back. he then pledges his allegiance to isis. after nearly three hours of failed negotiations, police report omar mateen threatens to put bomb vests on hostages. the s.w.a.t. team moving in setting up an explosive breach on the wall of the bathroom where a large group was gathered. when the explosion set off by police did not fully penetrate the wall an armored vehicle was used to punch a hole in the wall. >> we were able to rescue dozens and dozens of people that came out of that hole. the suspect came out of that hole himself armed with a handgun and a long gun. >> reporter: engaging in another gunfight officer michael
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napolitano saved by his helmet. sharing this image overnight of his injury. when it was over, mateen dead inside, along with a staggering number of victims. this photo of jeff rodriguez taken just 30 minutes before the attack unfolded. as the horrific scene took place jeff who miraculously survived texted his brother santos who recounted their exchange with david muir. >> i've been shot at a club. i'm dying. i love you. dead bodies on top of me. tell everyone i love them. >> reporter: and back here live in orlando, i can tell you that all 49 families have now learned the fate of their loved one. 34 other victims are still in the hospital right now recovering, amy. >> so many sad stories, so many stories of bravery, gio, thank you very much. and, george, we'll send it back to you now in new york. >> more on the investigation now, amy. officials learning much more about the gunman and his motivations as they scour his background to determine if
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others helped carry out that deadly rampage. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross here with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. some surprising developments this morning as the fbi delves into mateen's background. witness say he's been a regular at gay clubs in florida for years. at the same time federal authorities are capitalizing on two major breaks in the investigation, the full exploitation of omar mateen's cell phone and the cooperation of a key witness, his wife. overnight fbi agents brought mateen's wife hiding her face back to her apartment to pack up her things. the 30-year-old mother of the couple's young son is now providing key details about her husband's activities according to a senior counterterrorism official and the fbi has been able to open mateen's cell phone and learn who he was in touch with and where he traveled. >> we're going through the killer's life as i said, especially his electronics, to
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understand as much as we can about his path and whether there was anyone else involved either in directing him or in assisting him. >> reporter: fbi agents also tore apart mateen's apartment in ft. pierce, florida and after they left we got a first look at how he lived. [ speaking a foreign language ] provided to abc news by a univision tv crew. with the reporter describing the messy aftermath of the fbi's raid. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: otherwise, a portrait of a normal life. family photos on the dining table and walls. on the kitchen counter, an expired florida firearms license and the room of the killer's 3-year-old son filled with toys and a bike with a spider-man helmet. no sign of the devotion to isis mateen professed during his attacks sunday on the gay nightclub and now fbi agents are hearing accounts that mateen himself has been frequented gay clubs in florida for years and using gay dating apps to make contact with men including kevin west, who talked with abc station ktrk. >> when he first contacted me he was saying, like asking what
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club in his words like what clubs are popping and things of that sort and what good places are to go. >> reporter: employees and patrons at the pulse club in orlando told abc news overnight they recognized mateen as a regular there. >> the shooter used to come into the bar on a regular basis. sometimes he would be there for a few weeks at a time. maybe on the weekends. >> reporter: one florida man told us that mateen was a regular at gay clubs going back at least ten years when he was at a police training academy in florida. george. >> my goodness. okay, brian, thanks very much. we're going to go back to amy in orlando and there is another terror attack overseas. >> that's right, george. a developing story there, two police officers, a husband and a wife, stabbed to death in france by a man isis claims is their fighter, and abc's alex marquardt is in paris now with the latest details for us. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right, this morning, french officials are calling this a despicable act of terrorism.
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confirmed the attacker is a 25-year-old. he targeted this couple in their home, 30 miles outside of paris. the husband was a police xhabder. the wife an executive assistant. during the standoff, he said he's an observant muslim pledged allegiance to isis just three weeks ago. he even broadcast a 15-minute facebook video live. he was well known to the authorities, he had been sentenced in 2013 to three years in prison for recruiting fighters for jihad in pakistan. but he was released immediately for time served. he was also under investigation this year, but there wasn't enough to arrest him. this is the holy month of ramadan. appeared to be responding to calls for isis before ramadan
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for its supporters to carry out attacks around the world. george. let's more from homeland secretary jeh johnson. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. >> george, thanks for having me. >> we just hear another attack in paris. the french president saying there is a large-scale threat there now, especially during this month of ramadan. do we have any credible threats of more attacks to come here in the united states? >> george, not at this stage. the president's number one priority as is mine is the protection of the homeland, protection of the american people as you know, we're doing a number of things to do that both militarily and through aggressive law enforcement and homeland security and we're going to continue and we're going to keep at this in this environment of homegrown violent extremism and that's what orlando is looking more and more like. there is a role for the public to play. there is a role for us to play in building bridges with american muslim communities. that's what we've been doing and we're going to keep doing that and we're going to encourage the public to be vigilant and aware.
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>> you say this is looking more like homegrown extremism. any new signs that the shooter might have been directed in any way by isis or had help? >> at this point, no. there's no indication at this point that it was terrorist directed as we say in washington, this appears to be yet another tragic terrorist-inspired attack and it reflects the environment we're in right now. >> accomplices? >> at this point we know of no accomplices but the investigation continues. it's barely 48 hours after the attack. >> and you're talking about this new threat environment. how do we deal with this, san bernardino, to some extent, boston, as well as orlando, individuals who seem to be inspired by isis ideology in some fashion. the special twist here, though, is that this person was clearly on the radar screen, two different fbi investigations, three different interviews, being watched for more than 11 months yet still able to buy a gun. how do you explain that? >> good question. we're taking the fight to isil militarily in places where they
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recruit, where they train, where they direct, we've made good progress in taking out some of the leaders in taking out those focused on external attacks. there is obviously the law enforcement role but we're in an environment now of self-radicalization, it's almost always the case that when someone self-radicalizes someone close to them sees the sign which is why we continue to encourage public awareness, public vigilance. this shooter was under investigation in 2013 as jim comey said yesterday, he was interviewed several times. at that point the fbi had nothing further to continue its investigation with. >> yet, he was on a watch list. should that information have gone to various gun shops when someone goes in to buy a gun? >> when someone is on a watch list, when someone is under investigation, there are a number of us in federal government, in law enforcement, in the intelligence community, in homeland security who know about that, who are aware. investigations eventually do
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close when there's nothing further to investigate because the matter has been thoroughly investigated. we continually evaluate our security posture and whether we should be doing something differently and we'll continue to do that. >> finally, this has been interconnected in the debate. donald trump seeming to question the president's sympathies and his commitment to fighting al qaeda and also saying it's time to double down on this idea of banning immigration of muslims and he wants to expand it to banning immigration for a time from any country with a proven history of terrorism against the u.s. your response. >> number one, i know from working with him for seven years the president's number one priority is the protection of the american people, protection of the homeland. i know that from my defense department experience and now my homeland security experience. i won't comment on what the candidates say running for president. i will say that overly simplistic suggestions that we
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ban people from entering this country based on religion or ban people from an entire region of the world is counterproductive. it will not work and we need to build bridges to communities, to american-muslim communities right now to encourage them to help us in our homeland security efforts. >> secretary johnson, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> amy. well, george, more now on the political response. the orlando terror attack looming large, of course, over the presidential race, both donald trump and hillary clinton speaking out about the massacre clashing with their responses. and abc's cecilia vega has the very latest now from pittsburgh. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. two candidates, two very different messages about terrorism, about muslims in this country, even about who is best for the gay community. the one thing that is clear, what happened in orlando now looms front and center over this race for the white house. this morning, donald trump not just doubling down on his controversial muslim ban, he now
7:14 am
wants to expand it saying people from any country with a history of terrorism should not be allowed into the u.s. >> we cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer. >> reporter: and in the wake of the orlando massacre, trump says he's the best candidate for the gay community. >> hillary clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring islamic extremists to our country. >> reporter: overnight, trump going even further. >> they want to make women slaves, okay, and yet she's fine with, you know, the women say, oh, isn't she wonderful? she's not wonderful for women. >> reporter: in what was billed as a major terrorism speech trump surrounded by teleprompters but veering off script with this misleading statement about the new york-born shooter. >> the killer whose name i will not use or ever say was born in
7:15 am
afghan of afghan parents who immigrated to the united states. >> reporter: in the battleground state of ohio -- >> inflammatory anti-muslim rhetoric hurts the vast majority of muslims who love freedom and hate terror. >> reporter: hillary clinton's call for tougher gun laws drawing a standing ovation. >> i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. and -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: trump's latest target, "the washington post," revoking the paper's press credentials calling it, quote, phony and dishonest. "the post" editor firing right back saying "the post" will continue to cover donald trump as it has all along -- honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically and unflinchingly. and hillary clinton and president obama were supposed to hit the campaign trail together for the first time tomorrow. that's following his big endorsement of her. that trip has since been postponed and we now know that president obama will be headed
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to orlando on thursday, george. we understand that he will be meeting with the victims' families. >> okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's bring in jon karl for more on this right now. jon, what we're seeing on the campaign trail is two quite different approaches to this threat. >> reporter: the contrast couldn't be starker, george. you have hillary clinton who is talking in terms of empathy and unity, resolve. and donald trump who is channeling the anger and fear of the american people following an attack like this. this is a tactic that worked well for donald trump for the primaries. that muslim ban was one of his most popular opinions -- popular stances in state after state even though he was roundly attacked by republicans. now he is again trying to channel that anger and that fear, a very different approach than what we're hearing from hillary clinton or from the president. >> offering voters a big choice. jon karl, thanks very much. here with lara and michael. we saw that vigil in orlando. tributes pouring in from around the world. >> all around the world and all around this country.
7:17 am
george, there are outpouring of love and support for the victims in orlando and at last night's nba final game five in oakland, there was a moment of silence. >> yeah, the american flag unfurled as former player grant hill who played for orlando, he lives in the city, he led the ceremony taking a moment to recognize and honor the 49 people killed and 53 wounded in sunday's attack, george. >> that was a moving moment right there. we want to bring in robin now, she's in china and, robin, you're there in part to cover the opening of disney's newest resort and the whole disney family so connected to orlando. >> reporter: really is, george. we landed in shanghai on sunday. we turned on our phones devastated to learn, of course, about the tragic shooting back home in orlando. people recognize that we are americans, they convey their condolences, they were all coming up to us. yesterday, i spent some time with disney chairman and ceo bob iger. he received a call in the middle of the night about the shooting. he expressed his concern for the victims, everyone in orlando including the more than 60,000
7:18 am
disney employees in that area. he said as much as disney is in the business of creating fun and enabling people to escape elements of their daily life we are reminded that the world is, indeed, real and at times very dangerous and that is something that is not lost on any of us here, george. >> i am sure of that, robin. thanks so much. we'll have much more from you in shanghai coming up. but right now let's go to ginger. >> dangerous weather again today. tornadoes, more than 83 severe storm reports, hermosa, south dakota, you can see some of the damage there and, of course, this tornado nocturnal north of amarillo, texas, today the threat slides to the east. you can see along the warm front, especially des moines, you're in the heart of it. let's get to the tuesday trivia.
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>> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. with forecast highlights are cooler-than-average through friday. a chance of showers and storms on thursday and summer heat back next week. as far as today, ten degrees cool than average and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and san francisco and richmond and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. mainly clear tonight with upper 40s to mid-60s, another chill in the air tomorrow. coolest tomorrow, a chance of showers and storms on and coming up, amy speaks with the survivor of that orlando massacre shot multiple times. reveals how he hid in the bathroom when the gunman came in and finally escaped to safety. and an abc news exclusive. the family of this woman seen in that chilling and sad snapchat video inside the club capturing those first bursts of gunfire.
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movantik is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning, it's 7:23. talk about some incredibly bad luck, a truck barreled into this home in san jose overnight turning the property into, well, a mangled mess. the house has been hit 19 times from drivers exiting off 680. he says they're going too fast on the jackson avenue off ramp. thankfully no one was hurt in the latest incident. to sue hall. sue, 19 times. >> i think i might want to move. just saying. tracy to dublin, a solid one-hour backup here, just a lot of folks trying to get out of the central valley. highway 4 westbound just under 40 minutes and into the city you're looking at about 20 minutes, no delays over the
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good morning from the broadcast center. off to a sunny and breezy start. check out our temperatures mainly mid-50s. in your day planner even faster, those winds will be, during the afternoon hours as we hit 60 at the coast. low to mid-70s inland. now check out my accuweather seven-day forecast, almost as breezy tomorrow, the coolest day, a chance of showers and even thunderstorms especially across the north bay thursday. the atmosphere calms down by saturday, warms up sunday. >> thank you, mike. coming up, i know a lot of you have seen this snap chat video inside the orlando club as the gunman opened fire. the family of the woman who took that video and did not survive is talking next. we'll have another local news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
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and chicken. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the growing memorial in orlando honoring the victims of that deadly shooting. 49 killed. 53 injured. and this morning the world is uniting in solidarity with those victims. as we learn new details about the gunman, the fbi is tearing apart the suspect's home and there are new reports this morning that he frequented the pulse nightclub, used gay dating apps. a lot of questions out there this morning. and also this morning, so many incredible and touching tributes for those victims. all over the world. thousands showing their support. >> and part of that, this is on the streets of london, the london gay men's chorus singing "bridge over troubled water." ♪ bridge over troubled water i will bring me down ♪
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>> and we'll have much more coming up later on in the show. george. >> that's right. but first, amy is down in orlando with that interview with one of the survivors. good morning, amy. >> it's incredible, george and everyone, good morning, norman casiano was shot inside the nightclub hiding with others inside a crowded bathroom stall when the gunman walked in and started shooting. norman was just discharged from the hospital on monday and spoke with us moments ago. i see you still have your -- >> yes. >> -- hospital wristband on. how are you feeling? >> i'm just -- i'm still gathering everything just trying to make sense of everything. physically it's a lot. there's pain but -- >> emotionally -- >> emotionally it's a whole other level. >> take us back to that night. you were about to call uber. you were about to leave the bar when the shots rang out and you managed to get to a bathroom. >> yes. >> tell me what happened next. >> once i heard the first two shots i knew that it wasn't music and i automatically just
7:32 am
got as low to the floor as i could and crawled my way to the bathroom and went into the biggest stall they had and once i got in there there was already about 20 people hiding and just lined up against the walls with me there came like another group of like 10 or 15 more so in total there were like 30 or more of us in there. >> and then you heard -- you were listening to the shots but then you started hearing them get closer and louder. >> yes, at that point it became extra real. it became really real at that point everyone just was ducking and closing their eyes and just -- i heard a lot of people praying. i myself was praying and just saying that this can't be my last moments here like this can't be what's going to happen right now. it's just -- it's still very surreal. >> i cannot even imagine and then the gunman came into the bathroom. >> actually a victim made his way into the bathroom first. i guess he was trying to get
7:33 am
away and he had gotten hit already. >> and so he was following that person into the bathroom. >> yes. we didn't really put two and two together right away but the person was so injured that he automatically fell to the floor and i was one of the closest people to the front where you could see the space he was laying underneath. we were trying to get him to be able to come into the stall but there were so many people that there was no way -- >> oh, my god. >> -- of being able to get him in. so, i was just consoling him and, you know, telling him just make sure you like breathe and be quiet so that he doesn't hear us or, you know, so nothing worse happens and i just told him to look me in the eye and just relax and i -- i'll remember this forever. he just looked me in the eye and he was just like i don't want to die. at that moment the shooter came in and had -- fired another -- at that moment he fired another shot at the gentleman who was on the floor. >> and killed him. >> yes.
7:34 am
actually witnessed his last few moments. at that moment he then rang fire on the stall just without knowing where he was shooting. he just shot at the stall. i was near the front and once i heard the -- him cocking the gun and getting ready to do about what was to happen -- there was no space. everyone was piling up on top of each other trying to get as far away as possible and when he rang the first shots, that's when i got hit on my left -- i mean right side -- and i automatically knew like this was -- it was real. he had like a good three, ten seconds in between that and at that moment i pulled out my phone and started calling my parents. my phone was dying because i wasn't expected to be there that long so my father was able to pick up and the only thing i was able to put out with the last few seconds of my phone was mom, dad, i've been shot.
7:35 am
you know, i love you guys and then the phone hung up so i got even more distracted because i'm like this is real. this is really happening. we started screaming and yelling at him like please don't do this. we haven't seen your face. we don't who you are. we haven't even heard your voice yet. like just please don't do this and i don't know if that made him want to do it more. he then grabbed the gun and shot over the top of the stall. >> oh, my god. >> that's when i got hit on this side. >> and you said he didn't speak but he was laughing? >> he laughed once when he shot the gentleman in the front. which it's something i'm never ever going to be able to like remove from my head. it's imprinted forever like it's just very intense how someone could be doing what he's doing and laugh at the same time. and as he's ringing fire i got hit but there were people who got severely hit.
7:36 am
one of the girls who i was actually having a good time with that night was right next to me and as i turned to like close my eyes, as it's happening, because you don't really have anywhere to go, i turned back to make sure, you know, i'm just looking around to see what happened and she was already unresponsive. >> oh, i literally can't imagine living through that and then you're shot. how did you get out of that bathroom stall? >> i honestly don't even know where the courage and the strength came from because i was -- by the time i was thinking of leaving i was already shot on this side. when he shot on this side the second time everyone just immediately got quiet and like i like fell to the floor because at that moment that's when your body realizes you've been shot twice and i guess he thought that -- whoever was in there he had already taken care of and at that point he left and i could
7:37 am
then hear the shots getting further and further away, i guess just hearing my parents' voice and just thinking like there's more, there's no way that this is going to be where my life ends and the door wouldn't open so i had to -- which is so impacting in my head. i had to then step on someone's body and the last image is my footprint bloodied on their pants to then get on the sink and i had to pull myself up over the stall wall -- and i had like a space this big so i just pushed myself and i literally just landed on the floor and then i heard more gunshots so i scooted over and hid under the sink and once i saw flashlights i knew that the police was here and hopefully we were going to be okay. at that point i still yelled and was like, let's get out. let's get out. everyone is being quiet or saying shh.
7:38 am
i poke my head out and it's dark so the police didn't know what was going on or anything and they fired. i then pulled back. >> oh, my goodness. >> and started screaming. i guess i started going into a little bit of shock. >> right, right. >> i started screaming and yelling i'm a victim, i'm a victim and they shined the flashlight. they're just like if you're a victim, show us your hands and run out as fast as possible. that's what i did. >> what an unbelievable story. thank you for sharing it with us. >> of course. >> it's an important thing for us to all hear and we are so glad, so glad that you are able to tell your mom and dad you %-p. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> what an incredible story and i have to say that norman got over to the interview using a walker. he is still physically so weak but you can see there his spirit is so strong and he knows he needs to get some mental help after this, after living through something so horrific and we certainly hope that all the people in that nightclub who made it out get the help they
7:39 am
need after living through something that's so unthinkable, guys. >> boy, they really are going to need it. as you said it's just impossible for someone who hasn't been through it to imagine what that must have been like. >> he said that imprint, that memory will probably never go away. >> thanks, amy. we'll go on now to michael. >> all right, thank you, george. up next, our "big board," more life-saving advice coming from that orlando tragedy. we'll have some of today's top insiders. are back in just two minutes. g. when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. does it come in a california king? getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i'm gonna buy them. boom. i'll take them. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. it's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express.
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time now for our "big time now for our "big board." our team of insiders ready to weigh in on today's story. dan is right here with us to chat in just a moment but we do want to talk again about orlando. no one ever expects to be in a mass shooting but the reality of the orlando massacre shows us it can happen anywhere at any time. john matthews, a 30-year law enforcement veteran, author of "mass shootings: six steps to survival," is here with what to
7:42 am
do if you're there. john, what do we do? >> well, the first thing you want to do is exit. you want to get as far from the shooter as you possibly can. you may not have to go out the entrance that you came in. look for anyway to get out, a side door, a back door, a loading door, maybe go through a kitchen. we heard several witnesses said that they got out and put distance between themselves and the shooter and resist that urge to go back in. i know you want to help your friends but you don't want to be a victim. once you -- if you can't exit, then the next best thing to do is to find cover. cover is anything that will protect you from bullets. we heard a bartender say i grabbed ten people and we dove behind the bar. the bar actually deflected the bullets and saved lives. so jump behind a copier, a soda machine, anything that will stop or deflect those bullets. if you can't exit and you can't find cover, the next best thing
7:43 am
to do is to conceal yourself. get behind a curtain, anything that will hide you from the shooter's sight. we heard some victims say they actually pulled bodies over themselves and concealed themselves from the shooter. if you can get out of that shooter's line of sight, then your chances of surviving the incident go up dramatically. >> i tell you what, john, and i have one other quick question for you. what about engaging the shooter if you feel like you have a chance to engage them? should you do that and should you try to stop them? >> our research says no, only as a last resort should you engage the shooter. almost all the time that an unarmed citizen engages a shooter they end up being a victim. only during the following circumstances when you have three or more people. when the shooter is engaged in a nonshooting activity and you can attack him simultaneously do you have any chance to survive. >> you know what, john, thank you for your advice, hopefully it's advice that none of us will ever need but thank you so much, john. now to one of the biggest
7:44 am
bands of all time, led zeppelin, they're in court today facing claims it stole the open for "stairway to heaven" from a song by another band and dan abrams is here. our chief legal analyst joining us now and, dan, first let's listen to the songs. here's "stairway to heaven" by led zeppelin. ♪ ♪ >> we all recognize that melody. now let's listen to the 1968 song "taurus" by a group called spirit. ♪ ♪ >> it sounds very familiar, dan. it sounds very familiar. we just had ed sheeran get sued for $20 million and we had the "blurred lines" case. do you think there is a case here? >> these cases are tough and a lot of this case has been thrown out. we want artists to build on the work of others but we don't want them to rip them off. the two fundamental questions,
7:45 am
are number one, is it substantially similar? well, it sounds that way. >> to my ear. >> but, remember, the question isn't just sounds, it's more important actually in a case like this the musical composition. and number two, and probably the most contested question in this case is access. meaning the spirit team effectively says, look, we were touring with them. they were sitting in the front row. we were talking to them about our music and yet jimmy page, the lead guitarist who wrote "stairway to heaven" says i never heard that song when i wrote it so important questions there. >> and the song came out in 1968 so -- >> a few years later that led zeppelin's song came out. >> still a long time ago. >> yes, absolutely. >> they just issued a remastered version in 2014 and so that's now considered a new work and so they're within the statute of limitations at this point. >> well, it's in the hands of the court right now. we'll see how that goes. and what's on the court now is the nba finals. the cavaliers down 3-2, on their way to a comeback or trying to make a comeback. taking game five against the warriors last night.
7:46 am
three-time nba champ and espn analyst bruce bowen joins us with what to expect thursday night and, bruce, no team has ever made a comeback from 3-1 in the finals. the cavaliers inching a little closer to that. what do they have to do to pull off a miracle? >> well, first of all, you got to keep that same attack mentality that you have from lebron james and kyrie irving. for them to go for 82 points between the two of them, that was incredible. 41 and 41, they play like their back was against the wall and that's what you want. michael, you know as a competitor when you go on the road you got to be focused. they shot 53% from the field. golden state, 36%. you are at home. you got to do a better job. >> all right, so i have some stats here. this did not come from me just watching the game. lebron james, 41 points, 16 rebounds. if draymond green was not suspended do you think lebron would have had such a big game? >> would have, could have, should have.
7:47 am
who knows what would have happened. they did what they had to do. you can't worry about who's not there. it's all about the people who are on the court and who's making the impact. lebron james and kyrie irving made the necessary impact. now you look at the league's mvp and steph curry. what are you going to do, 8 for 21 at home. i think he'll be focused going into the next game and you'll see a different steph curry and the golden state warriors with draymond green back on the floor. >> ruh-roh. >> it's going to be a great game. >> who you got, cavs? >> no, i said the cavs early on but now i'm starting to think -- >> you are? we will all find out. we thank you, dan, bruce and we thank you, john. and we will be right back in two minutes. the outpouring of love and support for the orlando victims goes around the globe and we'll have that for you on "good morning america." have that for you on "good morning america."
7:48 am
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♪ whatcha gonna do when you get outta here? ♪ ♪ i'm gonna have some fun! ♪ ♪ what do you consider fun? ♪ ♪ fun, natural fun! ♪ yeah, we rocking right now. ♪ ♪ there's a party over here. ♪ ♪ hey, i'm in heaven. ♪ and now to the tributes pouring in from around the globe honoring the victims of the orlando massacre.
7:50 am
so many coming together to make a stand against the terror that took so many lives. >> i would like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in orlando. ♪ >> tonight i will not allow my anger and outrage over this attack to overshadow our need to honor those who are grieving. ♪ we remember the 49 lives lost and so much more coming from orlando when we come back. stay with us. come back. stay with us. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from the abc 7 morning news. let's look outside and see what your forecast is like with meteorologist mike nicco. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. a whole lot of sunshine. it will be deceptive today. look at the temperatures. we're mainly in the mid to upper 50s. look where we're going to end up, only 60s and 70s, well below average today. in fact, it will be cooler tomorrow my accuweather forecast but not as breezy today. showers and thunderstorms across the north bay thursday. sue? we are going to san jose to look at a live shot of 87 past the sap center. it's sluggish stop and go here. an accident north of this near taylor street with several cars involved and a lane blocked. expect delays northbound 87 through san jose. >> thank you, sue. up next continuing coverage of the massacre in orlando. we will have another local news
7:57 am
update here in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and abc 7 we hope you join us every weekday starting at 4:30. we go until 7:00 a.m. the news continues right now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and terror in orlando. chilling new details about the gunman and his deadly rampage. his wife is now talking to the fbi as the family of the victim who shot this dramatic video of the orlando attacks now speaks out. >> the first thing you notice is the fear in her eyes. >> this morning, an emotional abc news exclusive. also this morning, one-on-one with ellen degeneres opening up about some of the toughest decisions of her life. >> what's equally as important as my career is living my life without shame. >> what she's revealing about life with portia. having kids and her meaningful new role. ♪ i'm on top of the world hey and get ready for this, robin taking you on the adventure of a lifetime. >> welcome to shanghai or should i say niihau. we're in the middle of 24
8:01 am
million people, and they are about to have the spectacular brand-new shanghai disney resort at their doorstep. this is a moment that's been 17 years in the making. it's the first-ever disney resort in mainland china. ♪ it's time to get the chains out ♪ and vivica a. fox is in one of the summer's biggest blockbusters here live in times square as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ and good morning, america. hello to vivica a. fox here this morning helping the u.s. army celebrate its 241st birthday. you saw that big flag in times square, as well. it's flag day, as well. a lot to get to this morning. and we also have the latest from orlando this morning, new details comiming in, we're hearg from the victims and their families, a lot more coming up.
8:02 am
>> and the world is remembering the victims as we showed you earlier. so many moving outpourings and tributes for the victims. you're looking at stonewall inn here in new york city, the big gathering there last night. >> and also, an emotional abc news exclusive ahead. the woman seen in this video, she was snapchatting inside the nightclub the moment the gunfire erupted. there you heard it. it was the last time she was seen alive. her family now sharing her story. >> that's just so heartbreaking. so many heartbreaking stories down there and, of course, we have a lot more on the investigation as well. amy's in orlando with that. >> that's right, good morning, just received an update from the orlando regional medical center, the main hospital that treated the victims. 27 victims remain hospitalize at this hour. six of them in critical condition. 21 others are now in guarded or stable condition. one survivor shared his story about what happened in the club that night.
8:03 am
>> all i could do was lay down. all i could hear the shotgun one after another. people yelling for help. i hear him come back and he's shooting everyone who's dead on the floor making sure -- >> at this hour, we're learning new details about the shooter, witnesses telling so many people about those moments that he was a regular at gay bars in florida for years and using gay dating apps. this morning, the home land security said there's no ind kax that mateen had any acomplian acompliances. we turn now to paula faris. and we do begin with isis claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in paris -- in france, rather, two police officers, a husband and wife, have been stabbed at their home. the attacker who claimed allegiance to isis and shot
8:04 am
video during the stabbing was killed by police when they stormed the house and rescued the couple's young son. police later detained two people with alleged ties to the attacker. they say the attacker recently served prison time for recruiting fighters for jihad in pakistan. today the president of france said his nation faces a terror threat on a, quote, very large scale with more than 100 arrests in just the past month. and back in this country, in los angeles a large explosion was caught on camera during a fire at this commercial bui building. water from fire hoses hit a chemical in the building apparently caused this explosion and a nearby apartment building was evacuated. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation this morning. and for so many of you frustrated with those long airport lines, more help is on the way. congress has approved $28 million to allow the tsa to turn nearly 3,000 part-time officers into full-time employees.
8:05 am
that money also will speed up the hiring of 600 additional officers by the end of the summer. security lines getting so long in recent weeks that some passengers have missed their flights. to politics now and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are expected to meet privately later today after voters in washington, d.c., head to the polls in the final primary of the 2016 campaign. sanders refused to drop out despite clinton's insurmountable lead. now, he is expected to try to get clinton to fight for some of his policy proposals including a $15 minimum wage, as well as tuition-free public universities. meantime, donald trump has banned "the washington post" from covering his campaign events, revoking the newspaper's credentials because of what he calls inaccurate and dishonest coverage. "the post" says it is proud of its coverage and will keep at it. the trump campaign has already revoked credentials of "the daily beast" as well as politico. and finally for you, a fixture of las vegas strip is no more.
8:06 am
after a short fireworks display overnight, an implosion brought down the legendary riviera hotel and casino. the riv, as it's known, opened back in 1955 and, of course, became famous for its ties to the mob. it hosted the likes of sinatra, liberace and dean martin. the implosion makes way for an expanded convention. center. a little trivia for you. i don't know if you recognize it but it was the backdrop for a couple of very famous las vegas movies. any idea? >> "oceans eleven." >> yes, the original. good job. >> 12 and 13 too. >> i didn't want to -- >> sorry, george. >> you created your own little explosion there on your walk over. >> i did. i don't know what happened. i promise to never do that again. >> "pop news" time. >> yes, thank you, george. we begin with this. a former member of one direction
8:07 am
maybe be finding it a bit difficult to go it alone. zayn malik's whose first single debuted at number one has canceled his performance at the capital fm summertime ball revealing to fans on instagram that he suffers from anxiety and this bout leading up to the performance in london's wembley stadium which holds 90,000 has been the worst bout of his career. zayn's reported girlfriend gigi hadid said she has seen his fight with anxiety and knows how difficult it is and she said his honesty in telling fans shows just how brave he really is. and for anybody who suffers from anxiety, you know, it can be so crippling so thinking about him. hope he's okay. >> yeah. another "pop news." a new documentary on our girl serena williams will debut on epics on june 22nd. the feature length doc will be the most intimate she's ever allowed herself to be on film according to her and in it we'll see serena battling it out on the court against heather watson and the wise words from the legendary billie jean king that follow.
8:08 am
>> were you nervous? >> i was actually. >> just mind your footwork. >> yeah. >> just get into position. because that's what you do so well. >> yeah. >> your movement is unbelievable. >> it's all about the footwork. serena says it was a scary but ultimately really gratifying experience which, quote, she's hoping inspires others to pursue their dreams. >> but it's good to see billie jean king helping out the next generation and in turn serena -- >> yes, could hopefully help me. >> i hear you're pretty good already, lara. >> not so much these days. >> no, you're -- >> not so much. the old backhand not really working but that's another story. finally in "pop news" this morning, home buyers have the chance to live in a piece of movie history, the classic colonial from "father of the bride" is on the market for $2 million. the two-story los angeles home built in the mid-1920s sits on an 18,000-square-foot lot and includes a backyard arbor where you may remember martin short,
8:09 am
the over the top wedding planner got everything ready for the big day and the mansion has four bedrooms, four bathrooms. a new gourmet kitchen and basketball court in the driveway with the original hoop where steve martin shot those memorable scenes with kimberly williams-paisley. >> i loved that movie. >> that too has been upgraded with a three-car garage. >> all for 2 million bucks. >> yep. >> that's a bargain in l.a. >> all that, all that can be yours, michael strahan. >> i'm stuck in new york. >> are you in the market? >> i'm not in the market. >> you have to stay right here in new york now, my friend. >> i'm here. i'm not going anywhere. >> yeah, you are. >> i am. one thing i'm doing, i'm going to the "morning menu." here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." robin is in shanghai counting down to the big moment the spectacular opening of shanghai disney resort. [ cheers ] >> that's right, michael, here for the grand opening and have some new friends with me and special guests mickey and minnie being well received.
8:10 am
we are just outside the gates of the park. "the lion king" is premiering in the theater behind us at the mandarin, it's being translated in mandarin for the first time. and check this out, "gma" and shanghai disney are getting welcomed there in style. this was downtown, and i got a sneak peek inside the park. it is truly incredible. you can feel the excitement in the air. mickey and minnie, i could just keep going on and on and i can't wait to share that vibe with you coming up, but right now back to you in new york and, michael, give vivica a big hug from all of us. >> i will definitely give vivica a big hug for you because she is here to talk about her new movie, "independence day," and she's also going to help us celebrate the u.s. army's 241st birthday and our nation's heroes. so i can't wait to do that. we have all that coming up live right here on "gma." music: "pretty woman" with roy orbison ♪
8:11 am
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♪ let it be let it be ♪ let it be let it be the vigil in orlando last night as we're learning a lot more about the shooting and the victims, families of the victims speaking out right now including the brother of the woman seen at pulse nightclub, you see her there in that snapchat video. amy, you got to seek with the brother. >> that's right, amanda alvear was snapchatting and that's the last time she was seen alive. in an abc news exclusive, her brother brian is sharing her story. these are the chilling final moments before 25-year-old amanda alvear would lose her life inside pulse nightclub. while snapchatting this video she captured the terrifying
8:16 am
first moments of the gunfire. you hear the gunshots. in the background. >> yeah, and then as a brother like the first thing you notice is the fear in her eyes like, wait, it's like you could tell she's like, is this the song? and then just immediate fear in her and starts to run and you want to be there and you can't. >> reporter: amanda's brother brian speaking exclusively to abc news sharing details about his sister and memories. >> we know she was shot and died at the club. we don't know anything else. she had lost like 200 pounds, and she was working her butt off, and i was so proud of her, and she would just take -- she was proud of how she looked. taking selfies, always snapchatting, always on instagram. and the fact that she was instagramming the exact moment when the shots started it was kind of -- i mean it was surreal and then as a brother like the first thing you notice is the fear in her eyes. >> reporter: brian says amanda was a caring woman committed to helping others. >> she would go out of her way
8:17 am
for anyone and everyone and that's why she had so many friends. that's why when she went out it's not like i'm going out tonight. it's like me and 20 people are going out tonight and she was always the alpha. she was always in charge. she was strong, independent, stubborn. i firmly believe that if anyone could get shot and be too stubborn to die, it was my sister. >> that's unbelievably heartbreaking. and i know, amanda, you said, she was a special person. she was studying to be a nurse. >> she just wanted to help people and a lot of that stems from her experience growing up being in hospitals because my brother, the middle child, i'm the oldest, nelson, he died of cancer when he was 11. so this is the second child my parents have lost. >> so your parents have suffered extreme loss already. >> more than most, unfortunately, because they're good people. >> what has the world lost by not having amanda in it? >> i mean, someone that loves
8:18 am
everybody, which is rare, because the person that did it was the exact opposite. there are too many people that are -- that spread hate and not enough people that are accepting of everyone. my sister wasn't gay, and she was there and just tried to come together with love for everybody. >> brian told me that he and amanda's mom is obviously -- are obviously devastated, but his mother's heart also goes out to the shooter's family because they lost a son just as she lost a daughter speaking to just how incredible the alvear family truly is, and we'll be right back. truly is, and we'll be right back. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay?
8:19 am
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♪ back now with ellen degeneres opening up about "finding dory" and herself in a wide-ranging interview with abc's juju chang. they sat down before the events in orlando. take a look. >> my family, they're out there somewhere. i have to find them. >> reporter: 13 years later blue tang dory once again making a splash. >> then we better get going. >> reporter: her effervescence brought to life by the unparalleled talents of ellen degeneres. >> oh, my goodness, nemo, are you okay? >> you have to give that fish complete human emotions, and when you cry, you know, i cried. i had to cry. >> how do you get yourself to
8:23 am
cry? >> i felt the sadness and the loss and the abandonment and all the feelings, and so i'm, you know, i'm a comedian, but i'm an extremely sensitive person, you know, i have lots of sadness in me, and i think a lot of comedians do because there's a lot to -- you draw on. >> reporter: the famed comedian says she drew from her real-life heartaches. you know, in a way she's lost, and she's looking to find her way, and so i'm wondering if you've ever felt lost and in need of finding your way. >> for me my loss was my earlier part of life, and i didn't realize i was lost until i started really doing some soul searching and, you know, reading the right books and going to therapy, and then i looked back and i go, oh, boy, i didn't have anybody to help guide me and i was lost, and i just found my way on my own. >> reporter: part of owning her truth was speaking her truth coming out publicly as a gay woman in the '90s. >> when you're gay and you're successful in this business,
8:24 am
your whole team says, don't rock the boat. just keep it down, and i just thought, you know, what's equally as important is my career is living my life without shame. the fear is that you lose your career, and it turned out i did for awhile. >> and yet like dory, you persevered. >> yeah. >> my parents, i remembered them. >> reporter: and just like dory, ellen is all about family happily swimming through life with wife portia de rossi. >> you have talked very publy about not having your own kids. >> like she confuses me. sometimes she'll say, that makes me want to have a kid and i'm like do you -- no, but it just makes -- so i mean -- >> sounds like it's kind of in discussion again. in the hopper. >> no, now it's too late but we actually did -- we did kind of go through the process of thinking about, you know, a donor and who it would be and, you know, we've talked about it enough that we've really given
8:25 am
it serious consideration, but, you know, we've been together 11 years now, and it's a good, wonderful relationship, and we both have careers and we're both busy. >> reporter: and for now that means focusing on a little fish named dory. what do you hope people take away from the film? >> that there's always another way. don't just put up with something or just say, well, that's the way it is, and then your disadvantage can actually be your strength. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, beverly hills. >> mollusks. >> can't wait to see "finding dory." let's go outside to ginger with more on the weather. >> you hear that, michael? it's the 241st birthday of the u.s. army and we're celebrating out in times square. look at this video from red rocks, colorado, where the flash flooding was coming down the steps at the steely dan concert. look at this too. the severe weather today moves to des moines. >> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. with forecast highlights are
8:26 am
cooler-than-average through friday. a chance of showers and storms on thursday and summer heat back next week. as far as today, ten degrees cool than average and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and san francisco and richmond and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. mainly clear tonight with upper 40s to mid-60s, another chill in the air tomorrow. coolest tomorrow, a chance of showers and storms on coming up, the anticipation is growing. robin is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the new shanghai disney resort. new shanghai disney resort.
8:27 am
good morning. from the abc 7 morning news, talk about bad luck. take a look. this truck barreled into this home in san jose overnight turning the property no a mangled mess. according to the owner, this home has been hit 19 times by drivers exiting off 680. he believes they're going too fast on the jackson avenue off ramp. no one was hurt in the latest incident. sue hall, good morning. good morning, natasha. we had an earlier accident north 87 near taylor. before the accident, the accident has been cleared but traffic remains for about a 15 minutes past the scene.
8:28 am
blocking a lane of traffic here for about a ten-minute delay. meteorologist mike nicco will
8:29 am
we're back and on the sunny roof where you're going to need to keep two hands on the steering wheel. breezy. check out the temperatures well below average from 60s around the coast and into the bay. 70s inland. the breezes won't be around tomorrow, our coolest day, and the chance for a shower or
8:30 am
thunderstorm thursday. natasha? >> we'll be back in about 30 minutes. th ♪ hello friday ♪ i've been waiting for you for a long time you just saved me ♪ check that out, challenge in central park on friday. who was the best right there? michael trying hard. ginger's got it that time. we got a lot more coming up. >> perfect. the effort is there. the effort is there. >> semifinalists, the next challenger coming up. and as you see, we have the army here with us this morning. thank you all for being here today. and now we're going to go back down to china where robin is there for the countdown of the opening of the shanghai disney resort. hey, robin. >> hey, guys, moving and grooving to you guys back in new york. let's see, california, florida, hawaii, paris, tokyo and now shanghai, china.
8:31 am
we are counting down for the grand opening of shanghai disney resort and the festivities have already started. we have fireworks that have been going off, and we have right behind us now the world premiere of "the lion king" in mandarin. obviously we didn't get tickets. that's why we're still outside. but here's a look at how all this came to be. ♪ it's the first ever disney park in mainland china. this week opening its gates to the world. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to present shanghai disney resort. >> reporter: 17 years in the making. disney chairman and ceo bob iger's epic undertaking today a sparkling reality. you're here on the cusp of the opening. is it everything that you anticipated it to be? >> it's everything i anticipated it to be and more. what our people have managed to accomplish is well beyond what i ever imagined possible. >> reporter: constructed by more than 100,000 workers. it's home to disney's biggest
8:32 am
enchanted storybook castle ever. disney's chinese partner projecting 10 million guests annually. tickets to opening day selling out in just hours. over a million people have already come here just to catch a glimpse over the gate. that's before the gates have even officially opened. the mass transit rail extension built to bring guests to the park capable of delivering 20,000 visitors every hour and with domestic tourism spending in china, expect it to soon top a trillion dollars annually, disney mania is taking the world's most populous country by storm. disney merchandise here already flying off the shelves and for the first time, mickey ears, personalized with your name in chinese. >> so excited. >> very, very. >> reporter: china eastern airlines even customizing their fleet complete with flight attendants decked out in disney outfits. >> the people of shanghai are very proud of receiving this and
8:33 am
they have welcomed us since we announced our arrival so this has been building for many, many years and people are now just impatient to see it. >> reporter: just outside the park, disneytown. opened just over a month ago it's already a huge hit with world class shopping and dining and overlooking the idyllic wishing star park. and as the clock counts down to the grand opening, inside the finishing touches are under way. fresh coats of paint. last-minute polishing and troupes of dancers rehearsing to get the magic just right as disney makes china its newest home. and that was just a small taste of this magical new world. tomorrow we're going to take you deeper inside, give you the grand tour of this brand-new park but right now we're going to chat with none other than yao ming, honorary ambassador of shanghai disney resort and a basketball legend. yao ming, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] you just walked the red carpet
8:34 am
going to see "the lion king" which is going to be translated for the first final time in mandarin. it has to be exciting. >> new experience. obviously "lion king" is very famous for decades since childhood. >> you grew up in shanghai. >> yeah. >> and now this disney resort. what does it mean to the people here? >> well, i think it's almost like an entire city just got a brand-new private backyard that is full of play toys and a lot of the magic here. >> very happy about the grand opening, the official grand opening tomorrow. okay, let's talk a little hoops. cavs/warriors. the game was last night but for us in shanghai it was this morning. that was really great, a bonus getting to watch the game in the morning. what do you think of the series? cavs pulling it out. >> oh, i heard the cavaliers took the game back to cleveland. >> right. >> so that's bring the game
8:35 am
back -- you know, looks like a little more competition. >> back on their home court. you're a western conference guy, go ahead and admit it. >> well, you know, other than the rockets, i pick the spurs for the title this year but obviously they're out already. >> you know he's going to be inducted into the basketball hall of fame this fall. [ applause ] that is a great accomplishment. how could you have thought about that when you were growing up in shanghai? >> it's a blessing. i would say. because when i played basketball i never thought about that, the hall of fame. now playing outside of a country. >> have you been on any of these rides here? come on. you're 7'6" and you fit on the rides here at disney? huh? >> only one will find out. >> i like your style. yao ming, thank you very much. congratulations on everything and for this grand opening tomorrow we'll get to see every nook and cranny of this groundbreaking disney theme park. it's going to -- oh, gosh, it's unbelievable but right now back -- i know how everybody feels now. this is usually how they look at me. now let's go back to everyone
8:36 am
and george in new york. >> wow, the story of my life. he'd make you look small, michael. >> he is a big man. i'm glad robin did that interview and not me. >> that would be something. what do we have, ginger? >> let's go ahead and talk about this roll cloud. i know you wanted to see. northern michigan. one of my good friends. look at that thing. very cool. it's from a lake breeze, outflow. thanks to my best friend for taking that in frankfurt, michigan. but look at the heat index. so different than that cool lake michigan. look at it pile up, close to 100 as it feels like in st. louis today, and you fly over the jet stream, and it is cool, comfortable and a very low >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the big story with sunshine, the cool breezes will keep us below 60s and 70s and cooler tomorrow, before some thunderstorms are possible on thursday. >> all right, love having the army here. all that weather brought to you
8:37 am
by progressive. let's go ahead to lara. >> thank you so much, ginger, and we are here now with bobby brown on the heels of his much anticipated, talked about interview with robin last week. the grammy winning artist joining us this morning to talk about his brand-new book "every little step" and we welcome you to "gma." >> thank you. >> book out. >> thank you so much. >> one day. >> the book has been out one, day, yes. >> and the reaction because you didn't hold back. >> the book -- well, the reactions are what i expected it to be, you know, there's going to be some people that don't understand, and there's also going to be some people that are anticipating the book. so, you know, i tend to go with the people that's anticipating the book. >> and it was important for you, you told robin. >> this is -- it was very important for me. it was therapeutic for me because i'm moving on with my life and i'm moving into a better space and a better place in my life, and i think -- you know, i couldn't have wrote this
8:38 am
ten years ago. you know, right now was the perfect time for me, you know, with everything that has happened in my life and everything that has gone on and everything that's coming. >> yeah. >> you know, i think right now was the perfect time. >> i do want to point out that cissy houston issued a response to your interview with robin. here's an excerpt of it. "whether i would have chosen bobby for my daughter's husband or not is not important because the choice was not mine to make. she loved him and i believe him when he says he loved her. i only wish he had loved and respected her enough not to make some of the negative comments about her and krissy when she was alive. what do you say to that? >> i mean, that's a mother -- that's a mother of a woman and a child.
8:39 am
she feels the same way i feel as far as we're missing two people in our lives that we dearly love, and that's her -- that's her opinion. i mean, i have my opinion, and she has hers. there's no difference. we're both mourning in the same way. if you read my -- when you read my book, you'll notice that my book is not about whitney or my daughter. my book is about my 47 years on this earth, and that's all. >> new edition. >> new edition. >> your marriage. >> my marriage, my kids, all of my kids. >> seven kids, well, six and one on the way. >> yes. >> and your wife alicia is here with us in the studio. >> yes, she's here. >> so as you prepare for baby number seven -- >> uh-huh. >> -- how will you do fatherhood
8:40 am
differently? >> well -- >> biggest lesson learned. >> i'm living differently. my whole lifestyle is totally different from how i used to live, and i'm getting better. you know, i can only grow. you know, from this point -- from, you know, from a few years ago on, i can only grow and, you know, i don't -- i don't -- i do not procrastinate on growing, you know. i just try to be better and better and better every day for my family, for my kids, for my siblings, for, you know, my friends, and as long as i keep trying to grow, you know, i don't think anything can stop what i'm growing into, and i'm growing into a better man. >> bobby, what do you think the hardest, scariest thing to put in that book was that you said, okay, i'm going to do it but this could be explosive? >> ah, i think -- i think everything that i talked about in this book is coming from my
8:41 am
perspective, so i don't think -- i don't think -- >> what area was -- >> -- it was scary. >> what area was the scariest? >> i just had to get it out. it was therapeutic. it was therapeutic to release everything that i was holding in my heart and in my head and just to let it out, if i didn't let it out, then god know what is would happen. you know -- >> have you reached out to cissy? >> no, i haven't. i haven't talked to her in a while but, you know, i wish her the best just like i hope she wishes me. >> and between the touring, still singing. >> still touring, still singing, still making barbecue sauces and -- >> yeah, you're cooking. >> and seasonings. >> you're quite a cook, i hear. >> i'm chef bobby b. >> and alicia managing all of it in addition to having her -- you guys have two and one on the way. >> yes. >> and now your book.
8:42 am
>> the book, "every little step" which, you know -- >> "every little step." >> -- i'm really proud of. i'm glad i got it off my heart and glad that i got it out of my head, and it's just time to move on and do bigger and better things. >> all right. and time for us to move on. we thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> alicia, best of luck with the baby. >> thank you. >> and everybody, "every little step" is out right now. >> right now. >> right now. >> not now. but right now. >> vivica a. fox and the army with us live right here on "good with us live right here on "good morning america." i found a thai place. oh, good read a review. there's no review it's just a phone number. how am i supposed to eat there if i don't know what other people think about it? get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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♪ baby you're a firework back now with vivica a. fox and "independence day" was one of the summer's biggest blockbusters back in 1996, and there is vivica escaping from aliens, and now she's back, and they're back in "independence day: resurgence," and here she is, everybody. vivica fox. >> hey. >> how are you? >> i'm awesome, awesome, darling. good morning. >> good morning. and it's great to see you, and 20 years ago when this came out 20 years ago, it seems like yesterday to me. >> it was. >> you are still doing your own
8:46 am
stunts, i understand, in this new movie. >> oh, my gosh. i did all of my own stunts. you're going to see there's one scene that literally the next day i woke up and was covered from here to there with black and blue marks, you know, because i didn't want anyone else to see it and say, you were faking it so i did my own stunts. >> you go all in. >> absolutely. i mean from "kill bill" days i got that trained and it's still there. yes. >> let's not forget it. and also in the first movie jasmine, you were a single mom. you had the son so in this movie where is your character now? >> well, it's 20 years later and let's just say that she's no longer working the pole. jasmine is now a hospital administrator. >> you said it, not me. >> well, you know, everybody is going to say are you still stripping, no. but she's a hospital administrator and mentoring her young son played by jesse t. usher who is now stepping into the shoes of steven hiller and becoming a fighter pilot and we're back and we're going to be kicking some serious alien butt again. >> what was it like to work with some of the original cast for the first movie.
8:47 am
>> ogs from jeff goldblum to bill pullman, jech hurst. brit spinor. it was awesome. it was like a a wonderful high school reunion. >> kind of like getting right back on the bike. >> then we have some young new whippersnappers from liam hemsworth, michael monroe, jesse t. usher and sela ward is playing the first female president so i love the wonderful merger of the ole and the new and the unity, especially with all of the craziness that's going on in the world to see us all united with all these wonderful men and women from the armed services, thank you so much for starting my morning off just fabulous. >> well, you know what, thank you for coming here. and i almost feel like you brought them with you because in this movie there are a lot of heroes in this movie, and that's why we have our service members here. they are celebrating the 241st birthday. >> amazing. >> of the u.s. army and my father had been a retired major in the army and i'm just honored to be here with them as we both are. >> my nephew is first class private marine fox. he just joined the marines and my brother was in the army.
8:48 am
my executive assistant darren bond was a marine so for me to start off my morning like this, this is just like awesome. i'm so proud and i commend and i salute all of you guys for your sacrifices for our country. i'm so proud. this literally has been welling up all morning. this is just awesome. >> well, absolutely and i second all that. we want to bring out two of these great women who serve our country. major anne mcclain is a u.s. army aviator. >> yes. >> and also a nasa astronaut. and also staff sergeant lydia seaborn is a u.s. army reserve forensic analyst with cyberoperations group. ladies, thank you so much for your service. >> thank you. >> thank you to everybody here and around the world who are serving for our country. thank you all for your service and, vivica a. fox, thank you for coming here. thank you for bringing all these soldiers, and "independence day: resurgence," it hits theaters june 24th. and, everybody, coming up our challenge is heating up. we're revealing the semifinalists and all that is coming up next so don't go anywhere. we'll be right back with more
8:49 am
"gma." ♪ ♪
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♪ hello friday ♪ i've been waiting for you for a long time you just save me ♪ ♪ when my life came tumbling down ♪ a lot of grooving going on and we are back with our "gma" challenge and all of abc is getting in on the fun and so are you. you've sent in your best videos to flo rida's "hello friday." >> and it's time to reveal the semifinalists. it was an epic round one challenge for the record books. >> send in your best and kick off this "gma" challenge. >> reporter: users from coast to coast sending in more than 156,000 set to jason derulo's song "want to want me" using the #gmachallenge.
8:52 am
♪ i want you to want me >> reporter: the video is garnering over 7 mountain likes and counting including those for our eight quarterfinalists. ♪ hello friday >> reporter: now meet our four semifinalists comprised of two quarterfinalists from round one and two wild card picks from round two's 37,000 picks we received in 8 1/2 hours. their set to flo rida's "hello friday" left us wanting more as the competition heats up. so what's the next challenge for round three? find out now live. >> yes, find out right now and the contest is really heating up. it's getting so hot we need a fan. time to start round three and thank you, brad paisley, has a special announcement. >> hey, "gma," it's a battle till the end. send in your best to "without a fight." ♪ i got a crazy idea how about maybe tonight ♪
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♪ we make up without a fight >> and show me and demi lovato how you're knocking out this challenge. >> all right. there you go. there's your challenge. show us what you've got. send in your best using the #gmachallenge3 and we'll announce the finalists on thursday. >> there is a lot to win. a lot at stake. you get to come to new york to compete in the finals for a chance to get a meet and greet with demi lovato plus two tickets to a concert on her future now tour with nick jonas. you have till 5:00 p.m. to send in your so get moving, people. and if you're not a semifinalist, you can make it as a wild card entry. get all the deta
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by jcpenney. that's getting your penney's worth. >> paula is a big "serial" fan and all of you can see investigation discovery presents "adnan syed: innocent or guilty?" have a great day, everyone.
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good morning, i'm natasha zouves. let's get a quick check of your bay area forecast before you head out the door this morning. hey, mike. >> hi, natasha. the breezes have let up a little bit. they'll be back and the sunshine and high clouds and cooler conditions, antioch at 76. our coolest day, watch out for showers and thunderstorms north of the bay bridge. thursday it gets hot again for father's day. sue? we'll take a look at the earlier accident in santa rosa, blocking the right-hand lane, 101 before todd road and i am seeing slow traffic. and the san jose 880 at stevens creek. we have an accident partially blocking here making things slow. >> thank you so much, sue.
9:00 am
president obama is expected to now about the orlando shooting as well as isis. we're going to carry those remarks live here in just a moment o >> it's "live! with kelly." today, he's back to save the planet in "independence day: resurgence," jeff goldblum. and from the all-new version of "to tell the truth," nene leakes. and actor jerry o'connell is kelly's co-host for the day. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi, guys!


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